Running Dynamic Creative Ads On Facebook -- A Winning Strategy

facebook Jan 17, 2021

This post is short right now. Will expand when I make a video for it. For now, I'll record the ideas that I'm currently testing.

Dynamics ads are where you can use different copy and upload multiple images/videos/whatever and let Facebook rotate through them. A couple days later, you can come back and see which of those images/etc. are working the best.

So here are the steps in the strategy:

  1. Run dynamic ads
  2. Check the winning combo (or words and images/etc.)
  3. Recreate the ad using the winning combo.
  4. Use the best post ID when recreating the ad.

More about step 4:

Find the post with the most engagement. Open a preview of that post. Click on the date on the preview (it's a link so it's underlined), then copy the post ID from the URL. Use that ID when creating a new ad.

That way, Facebook will put the post with the most engagement in front of people. Main idea here: social proof.

That's all for now. Will expand soon.


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