How To Run Facebook Ads In 2021 (Video Views Campaign)

facebook Jan 26, 2021

➤➤ Watch this video if you want to start running ads on Facebook.

Facebook ads can be intimidating. I remember obsessing about every detail while building ads -- and feeling super anxious that I was doing something wrong -- or missing something really important. Which would result in a big failure and wasted money...

But Facebook ads are really simple. Think about 3 questions when you're setting the campaign up:

Who am I going to show my ad to? -- Define who sees the ad.

Where am I going to show it to them? -- Facebook? Instagram?

What am I going to show them? -- The actual ad.

One other questions: How much am I going to spend? But that's easy.

So in this video, we build a campaign from scratch guided by our 4 questions: who, where, what, and how much?

Now I'm specifically setting up a video views campaign. That means that my goal for this ad is simply to get people to watch a video. And Facebook will help me find people that are most likely to take that action (i.e., watch the video).

We start at the campaign level and name it. We also select Video Views as our objective.

Then we move to the ad set level where we define who and where. I introduce you to custom audiences, look-a-like audiences, cold and warm traffic, exclusions, demographics, interest targeting, and expanded targeting.

Once the audience is defined, we choose where they're going to see the ad. In my case, I only want to show my ad on Facebook. The videos are too long to show on Instagram.

Finally, we build the ad itself -- which is really easy. It's just about selecting the video and adding the text. Then we hit publish!

In my case, I want to run 5 videos as ads, so I show you how to duplicate the ad set and update the creative (i.e., the videos) for each ad set. Really easy. All we had to do was change one thing: the video itself. Everything else stayed the same.

After a few days, we have to come back and check the performance of the ads. For Video View Campaigns, the most important metric is: Did they actually watch the video?

In my case, we saw that one video had the most 100% views per ad spend, so that means it's the best video. It simply costs less for me to show that video than the other videos. And people like it. So win-win.

But that's it. You can get crazy with Facebook ads, but I hope my introduction helped here. Questions? Leave a comment below.

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