Facebook & Kartra 2021 - How To Configure Events And Use Aggregated Event Measurement

facebook kartra Jan 30, 2021

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In this video, I show you how to set up events for your verified domains based on the recent Facebook changes.

What you need to do BEFORE you watch this video (if you're using Kartra):

#1 - Set up custom domains:

#2 - Make sure your entire funnel is using your custom domain

#3 - Verify your domain with Facebook:

#4 - Make sure the appropriate Facebook events are firing down your funnel:

Once you have those four things set up, then you can start adding events to your verified domains. Here's the Facebook article:

Adding event is really easy. In the Events Manager, you need to go to the new tab: "Aggregated Event Measurement."

Then click "Configure Web Events." Then choose the verified domain you want to add events to. Then click "Edit Events." Then click "Add Event." Then just add the event you need and hit "Submit."

And you do that for up to 8 events you want to track on that specific verified domain.

Hope that helps!

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