How To Create Facebook Custom Audiences (2021)

facebook Jan 26, 2021

➤➤ Watch this video if you want to create custom audiences in Facebook!

Now why would you want to create custom audiences? For a number of reasons:

  • Maybe you want to retarget customers and sell them a new product.
  • Maybe you want to create a lookalike audience based on existing customers -- so you can sell them products.
  • Maybe you want to EXCLUDE a group of people from a promotion.

Lots of reasons. And whatever reason you have, the idea is the same. You can control who does or does not get your message.

It's very simple. In this video, we're building a custom audience based off an existing customer list.

So we just need to get the CSV from our where our customers "live" -- in my case, Kajabi.

And then we need to clean that CSV up in Google Sheets and get it ready for Facebook. Then we need to upload that clean CSV to Facebook.

That's the gist of it!

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