How To Install The Facebook Pixel and Standard Events in KARTRA (To Track Conversions)

facebook kartra Jan 19, 2021

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In this video, we take an in-depth walkthrough of how to add your Facebook based pixel code to each page in your funnel.

AND - we look at how to add the right standard event codes to the right pages in your funnel.

This way, your funnel will send the right data to facebook so you can accurately track movement through your funnel.

AND - that of course means you can optimize your the ads you're running on Facebook to your funnel.

It's very, very easy. And I go WAY beyond what I need to do for you to understand how everything works in the video.

I'm doing this in real time, on a real funnel. That way, you can see me do it. AND - you can picture yourself doing it too. So you can stop doubting yourself and just do it.

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