How To Let Your Leads Opt Out Of Sequence (And Not Annoy Them)

kartra Jan 16, 2021

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When I'm running promotional sequences to my email list, I always want to give people the chance to opt-out if they're not interested right now.

It's not that they don't want to buy -- maybe they don't -- but it's more likely that now is not the right time for them.

We can do all we can to address the "not-the-right-time" objection in the copy, but after that, I say, let them go. And make it easy.

So rather than them having to completely unsubscribe, it's better to give them the chance to opt out of that specific promotion.

There are probably a million ways to do this, but I show you two ways to do this in Kartra.

First, if someone click the "opt out" link in the email, you can use an automation to automatically unsubscribe them from the sequence or list.

Second, if someone clicks the "opt out" link, you can tag them, and then create an automation that excludes people with that tag from a sequence or list. Both work great.

The second way is what I use in ConvertKit. But I find that the first way is more elegant inside of Kartra. But choose which ever way works best for you.

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